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Posted on April 08 2016

Open for Voguish…Business!


When we first began pondering on the idea of starting Voguish Apparel, well it wasn’t named Voguish Apparel in the first place, but regardless of that, we had a vision and a pretty darn good idea of where we wanted to be headed, and our mindset hasn’t changed much since.


It was a Sunday evening as we were winding down from the weekend since we all worked the following day. As we were knocking down some suds, jokes roamed freely in the air, laughter followed and then as one of our buddies quoted a movie we started noticing the obvious, our attire. I had a shirt from Express, another friend of ours had some casual, faded, cheap t-shirt and another of our pals had a Keep Calm quote on his shirt. So as Express, KCCO, who would Guess? That from Prada to nada would promote the brainstorming of the year. We had a simple, though not easy concept; to forge a versatile brand. One that was classy, yet funny and outspoken, one with quality yet at a price for everyone.


After much work we are finally here and we are ready to get in this race for the best. Competition is harsh and the market is tough and the fashion industry is ever rapidly changing. So we are not just here for kicks, we understand the need to be creative, to be creative constantly and to be creative constantly at the right price. As we built Voguish Apparel and we set our sight at the future, we must remain with our ear to the ground, look out for changes, study the companies we admire and attempt to create a ripple effect ourselves. As we look at fashion giants like Prada, Emporio Armani, and Louis Vuitton we can’t help but have our mouths water savoring and admiring every thread of their existence, but that’s further down the line, not today. Today we focus and recognize companies like Express, The Chive and Ralph Lauren. Their success has created empires and brought the world great looking clothing. Our goal and vision are to follow their lead but be better. Meaning great looking designs, on great quality material and at a better price.


So what is the Voguish proposal? What is our campaign? We propose to be a combination of the awesome and none of the bad.

  • We promise to always bring you great quality material, and unique designs.

  • Always at a better price than our competitors.

  • We promise to expand our printing options and styles.

  • We promise to improve our promotions as we grow.

  • We promise to never use leather.

  • We promise to be outspoken! We believe strongly that our clothing is for everyone! Regardless of beliefs, sexual orientation, whether you’re a woman or a man, young or elderly, whether you are white, brown, black, yellow, blue, orange or red, we don’t care, we can all wear cotton! All skin was created equal!


Contest proposal


            We believe in constructive criticism. Submit your ideas and tell us how we can be better and I promise we’ll continue to get better.

  • Submit your designs and be on one of our shirts. Get recognized in all our social media as design of the week or of the month.

  • Not only will you get recognition on our website and social media but we’ll pay you $100.00 if we use your design.

  • Title it “design proposal.”


We truly hope you enjoy Voguish Apparel and all that it offers as it is only the very beginning and the surface has merely been scratched. Allow us to serve you and become better and we will most definitely never disappoint you. We will continue to carry out our promise and work hard towards the future. Thank you so much for visiting us and please don’t forget to let us know your thoughts, spread a good word about us and please don’t forget to come back!



The Voguish Apparel Team


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