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     Hello everyone! So who are we? What and who is VA Voguish Apparel? VA Voguish Apparel is a young, and innovative clothing line erected by a determined group of designers and artists in order to bring you a combination of stylish, modern and great quality apparel.


     Voguish Apparel has been a project years in the making and likewise, our vision will take years onto the future. Back when it was merely a thought, we, the founders Hugo Fernandez and Vanesa Lugo had a vision of building a company where art met style and outspoken met quality. An affordable brand for everyone and for anyone. We immediately embarked on a mission whose idea proved simple, yet not easy. On our first attempts at accomplishing something concrete from abstract we began a search for catchy synonyms for the word “modern.” Voguish was then born. It immediately caught our attention, and we didn’t go with it, we ran with it. We bought it, stamped it, trademarked it, sealed it, and the rest is history. The important thing is that we are here today, to serve you and to become better a step, a design, a clothing article at a time.


     From the moment we started working on VA Voguish Apparel LLC. We knew that such company was not going to be up to our standards or even be possible without the contributions of amazing individuals. Here at VA Voguish Apparel we keep a humble mentality, an eye well set on the future and constantly look for ways to improve. We constantly study and analyze companies that we admire. Excellent examples are: Apple Inc., Google, and Chick-fil-A. Apple has an amazing design team and astonishing marketing strategies. Google is innovative and treats its employees in a way that is unparalleled by any other company, creating loyalty. And Chick-fil-A has a system of customer service that is simply unmatched. Here at Voguish Apparel we dream of being the combination of all cultures and practices in order to compete and be a well rounded company. The small team that has made it possible: F Curtis, the graphic designer that made the VA Voguish Apparel logo possible; Miriam Santamaria who took some of the amazing photo shoots that you see throughout our website and social platforms, you can find her at; Mittal Rao, another great graphic designer,  Talha and the Tech Bee graphic design team and their amazing designs; Jennifer Powdrill & Vianey Hernandez personal trainers, body competitors and models that have made the Voguish Apparel brand yet more attractive; and along with us, the founders, Hugo Fernandez a writer, and designer and Vanesa Lugo an analyst and statistic research guru are also a handful of lawyers, tax advisors, professional services, web designers and eCommerce experts. Every single individual contributed to our company Voguish Apparel becoming a reality and we want to thank you.  


     We truly hope you enjoy Voguish Apparel and all that it offers as it is only the very beginning and the surface has merely been scratched. Allow us to serve you and become better and we will most definitely never disappoint you. We will continue to carry out our promise and work hard towards the future. Thank you so much for visiting us and please don’t forget to let us know your thoughts, spread a good word about us and please don’t forget to come back!


Very sincerely,



The Voguish Apparel team.

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