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A blog that introduces you to the artistic side of fashion.

A bit about its history, the people that shaped it, and the artistry behind it all.

So what is fashion, if not the sense of feeling important in the clothes you wear? Aside from comfort and simple public discretion, it is that art which represents us and tells a bit of a story about who we are from afar, at first glance, or when we first meet. It is a marketing banner that lets you know a bit about my artistic preference, about my interests and yes why not? A bit about my personality.

So, if that artistic side of fashion sounds at all interesting, stay on this blog a let us show you a bit about its background and story... Enjoy!


A little fashion History!

The history of fashion refers to the growth of the fashion industry which in modern day, is based around fashion houses and companies that design clothing and accessories, usually ran by individual designers. In 1958, Charles Frederick Worth was the first known designer to sew his label onto the items he designed. A good depiction of his innovation can best be seen in the movie “Phantom Thread” by Paul Thomas Anderson by what many guess it’s its fictional character in Reynolds Woodcock, played by Daniel Day Lewis.

Before the mid-19th century the division between haute-couture, which is a legally protected name in France, and ready to wear did not really exist. Nearly all clothing, except simpler items; accessories such as hats, gloves and the like were made by dressmakers and seamstresses by specific measurements, dealing directly with the client. Men in similar fashion attended tailors...


“You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call 'failure' is not the falling down, but the staying down.”

— Mary Pickford

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